VRI Leg Clinic would probably be the only centre nationwide handling patients of Chronic Venous Insufficiency only. In fact, this being the focus, we are able to provide the latest& safest treatments and as positive experience as possible. "TREATING THE PATIENT & NOT THE INVESTIGATIONS" being our motto , we are committed to relieve our patients of the - Unexplained Leg Pains, Swelling of legs, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins and Venous Ulcers. Treating all these allow our patients to feel better, live better and even look better.

Over the years, our team of Doctors (having vast experience in the various fields of Joint Replacements, Spine Surgeries,Orthopaedics & Pain Management ), have come across a lot of patients with complaints of Leg Pains, Tiredness/Heaviness of Legs where earlier, clinical diagnosis was not clear &even investigations were of no help in reaching a definite diagnosis. Our research on this subject led us to conclude that these patients may actually be suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency(CVI). This earlier was either being treated with Calcium/ Vit.E supplementation or even being labelled as psychosomatic disorders.

"Center for Vein Restoration" Washington, U.S.A.(CVR) has been doing some path breaking work in this area & we decided to train ourselves in the management of CVI under the experts at CVR. We now bring this experience to India so as to help our patients who were searching for a solution to their pains. In 2010 we started our first centre of VRI LEG CLINIC in collaboration with Center For Vein Restoration U.S.A. (CVR)in Noida . Based on the success so far with our patients, we have opened another centre in New Friends Colony New Delhi. We hope to open more centres & train doctors in the treatment of CVI so as to bring the much needed relief to the patients.

At VRI Leg Clinic Centres we pride ourselves in providing the most advanced and patient focussed diagnostic as well as therapeutic modalities for the treatment of leg pains--- Cause may be Spinal, Arthritis of Knee/ Hip joints, Muscular or CVI.

  We treat our patients with the protocols laid down by American Society Of Phlebology & our staff is committed to long term treatment and care for your legs. We hope to make you walk pain free and bring the smile back on your face.